Baby’s Toy Storage Organizer With Book Shelf Castle



Size : 1720mm(L) x 400mm (W) x 1010mm (H)

Special Features:

1. Neat And Tidy – This organizer comes to help declutter the kid’s playroom, bedroom, playtime becomes more fun when they can easily take out favourite toys or games or quickly clean up afterward.

2. Large Capacity Storage – Removable toy storage bins are placed beside the bookshelf in 4 layers, making full use of space. Tiered storage according to personal needs, such as children’s toys, balls, and other items, etc. Help kids balance reading and entertainment.

3. Promotes Organization – A bookshelf that is suited for children’s height displays the front of the book to the child, making it convenient to pick up favourite books to read and return them on their own, as well as developing your child’s good habits.

4. Safe Material – Made of premium and environmentally friendly PP material, it is not only waterproof for easy cleaning, but also features harmless and safe operation without odor, and is durable and scratch-resistant for long service life.